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Handmade analog effects units in vintage enclosures that deserve a second life. Sounds like art, right?

Designed and handmade with high quality, handpicked, selected-by-ear parts by William van Giessen in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Responsible ownership.
When you have become the owner of an Effesk effects unit, you own a piece of history. An unique item nobody else has in this universe. And never will unless in the rare case of craziness you sell it off course. With every unique Effesk effects unit comes a certificate of authenticity with a lifetime warranty.

Be proud of it, cherish it, play it, show it and use it until the sparks fly around!

All effects units are unique items.
Each unit is unique; effect-wise as object-wise (enclosure). Of some effects I make more than one copy, i.a. the Krankjorum series. The limited run ‘Krankjorum’ effects pedals are made to order.
 You can personalize it with knobs you prefer and exclusive finishing, such as wood (veneer of tree roots) or leather.

Searching for sonic salvation.
I am on a quest… to find a tone which I love and cherish while playing the guitar. During my life I also hoarded a large collection of vintage objects laying around doing nothing. I figured that these could function as awesome enclosures of the effects which I fell in love with.

Why use standard aluminium enclosures when you can put the sound into something that fits the tone and deserves a second life in the spotlights?