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Effect: delay
Object: vintage 8mm film viewer

The ‘DejaVu’ is an analog delay with a prominent vintage feel in the sound.

The DejaVu is a PT2399-based delay circuit. It has main controls for volume, blend, regenerate and tone control. And as a distinct feature it has two separate switchable delays with for both each own speed control. It has an unique modulation effect. The Delay controls are selectable via the switch, and when switching from one time setting to the other, the delay time change happens slowly, just as if you were manually turning the delay time pot on a standard delay pedal. This causes a gradual pitchbend that slowly resolves to unison if a note or chord is struck and held when toggling between Delay pots. To control the speed of the pitch bend/resolve, there is a pot labelled “Slow”. Making the transition speed slower also makes overall delay time longer. It’s a very interactive system. And very awesome!

“The cleanest delay I ever heard”
– Peter Plijnaer

Housed in a beautiful old Super 8 MM filmprojector which is still working! I even have some found footage to go along with it. You can switch between two delay times and adjust the sound with knobs for blending, regenerate, feedback and tone. This definitely kicks ass!

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