Kris Fuzz (standard series)

Kris Fuzz

Effect: octave-down fuzz
Object: handpainted aluminium enclosure

The Kris Fuzz pedal is dedicated to Kristian Strik, the late guitar player of the Naked Sweat Drips. In his honour and to memorize him, Effesk was asked to create a pedal which combines the unique sound of Kristian. This attempt resulted in an octave down fuzz with a ‘synth’ feeling.

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Words from the bandmembers:

“When we heard Kristian didn’t have much time left, we did as much as possible to make memories together, record our last album with him and to do one last show in Doornroosje. When we completed this, there was still another thing buzzing in our minds: we wanted to monumentalize Kris’ sound and capture it in an effects pedal. We knew that William from @effeskpedals makes pretty awesome, noisey, dirty and wayward pedals… Just the thing for Kristian, we thought!

We contacted him and not much later William send us a box full of crazy fuzz boxes. Of course, Kristian picked the dirtiest fuzz around, adding it could even make some more noise and it needed to have an octave below switch. William start building it as good, as beautiful and quick as possible and luckily Kristian got to play his own signature fuzz box with his Korg synthesizer. He approved with a satisfactory nod and smiled, his sound and taste had been captured within this fuzz: the Kris Fuzz.

Now, exactly six months after losing Kris, we are honoured to announce that this so-called Kris Fuzz will be available through Effesk for all of you who are interested in Kris’ wayward sound.

Thanks William for this very special monument!”